Inexpensive, Low-Risk Vitamin D May Promote the Immune Response to COVID-19

Published On:January 25, 2021, 2:10 pm

There is no scientific evidence to prove that low levels of vitamin D contribute to extreme symptoms of Covid-19, but there is a definite link between the "sunshine vitamin" and the disease's immune responses, experts say as the pandemic spreads across the world and a new mutant strain is raising concerns. Stressing that vitamin D is affordable and has a marginal risk, global disease scientists requested governments to make it part of their strategy against the novel coronavirus, compared to the substantial dangers of Covid-19.

Several factors, such as age, being male and comorbidities, are known to predispose people to a higher risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure, but insufficient vitamin D is by far the most easily and quickly modifiable risk factor with ample evidence to support a large beneficial impact, said Prof. Afrozul Haq, former dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology (SIST) at New Delhi.

He is one of 170 experts who wrote an open letter about the matter earlier this month. In order to make everyone aware of the benefits of vitamin D supplementation in Covid-19 infected patients and to send this letter to all health ministries, healthcare staff, government bodies and NGOs, this campaign group of Vitamin D and Covid-19 researchers, including some of the renowned experts, began the process of the research.

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