Sikh man shot in the middle of hate crime outside his house in Washington

Published On:March 6, 2017, 12:46 pm

Police are searching for a gunman in Washington State who supposedly walked against a residential driveway and shot a Sikh man in the arm, authorities Sikh man shot in the middle of hate crime outside his house in Washingtonreported.

This is the second such incident in the past 30 days where a gunman alleged the Sikh man “Go back to your country.” The state police are probing into the shooting in Kent as a potential hate crime.

The previous incident of racism happened on 22nd February, 2017, where an Indian engineer was shot dead and another was injured when Adam W. Purinton, an American who says to have mistook bothe the people from the Middle East, screaming at them “get out of my country” and “terrorist” prior to shooting them at the Austins Bar & Grill in Olathe, Kansas.

The victim, who was shot, is a US citizen, primitively from India’s Punjab province, Seattle-area Sikh community leader Jasmit Singh.

Singh mentioned that the man’s family told him that he had been in his driveway Friday that when a 6-foot man neared questioning along the lines of “why are you cleaning your car?”

The conversation got fired up and the accused began threatening the victim, calling him names and screaming “go home to your country,” before he pushed him to the ground and removed a gun.

The victim lost consciousness, only to realize that he was shot he got back into senses, Singh stated. He further confirmed that the victim was treated and discharged from the hospital on Saturday and the healthcare providers expect him to make a full recovery.

It has been observed that Sikhs have been victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Response of the police

In a news conference, Kent police chief Ken Thomas said, "We're early on in our investigation and the shot resulted in non life-threatening injuries, however we are treating this as a very serious incident."

Thomas said police were probing the shooting as a potential hate crime. He said, "To think that this could happen in our community was very surprising and extremely disappointing." "This is the first incident of this magnitude that I'm aware of in the city of Kent.”

A spokesman from the FBI’s Seattle office said, "The FBI remains committed to investigating crimes that are potentially hate-motivated and we continue to work with all our community partners in the Seattle area."

India’s reaction to the unfortunate incident

India’s Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, in a tweet said that she was sorry to know about the attack.

Swaraj stated that she had spoken to the victim’s father, who told her that his son was shot and the bullet injured his arm and was ‘out of danger’ and is recovering in a private hospital.

Foreign Ministry of India is being in touch with the local official authorities and had rendered assistance as well.

Spokesperson Gopal Baglay stated, "What we heard from the victim himself is that the shooter asked him when are you going back to your own country?"

This incident also pulled attention of Mary Kay Loss Carlson, who is the top diplomat at the US Embassy in New Delhi, who tweeted saying, "Saddened by shooting in WA. Wishes for a quick and full recovery. As @POTUS said we condemn "hate and evil in all its forms," she said.


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