Every person, young or old, bears a desire to go and travel around the world, experience new lifestyles and cultures, make memories. Some people might do so for the sheer pleasure of travelling while some might do so in order to fulfil and meet certain commitments, or make a visit to their families and friends who might be settles abroad. Reunions are some of the important reasons why people decide to travel from one place to another. They do not mind the distance, the fatigue and jet lag when they think that they might be reunited with their friends or relatives after a huge span of time and all the pain and effort taken until there makes the entire process absolutely worth it. However, there are some different kind of people who have certain peculiar interests as well. One such example of such a peculiar interest would be space tourism.

What Is Space Tourism and who provides it?

It is a one of a kind journey that is undertaken to the space orbits for a variety of purposes that includes recreational purposes, educational activities, and/ or business purposes. Space tourism is currently very limited and is provided to a very restricted clientele and is provided only by the Russian Space Agency even though the main vehicles for space orbiting is provided by the Blue origin and the virgin galactic companies. Apart from the Russian Space Agency, SpaceX also launched a program wherein they plan to send two space tourists in to space on a lunar free trajectory to be carried out in the year 2018 on a space shuttle that is powered by the Flcon heavy duty rockets.

Market for Space Tourism:

North America currently has the largest market share with regards to the demand for such kinds of travel and tourism expeditions for recreational, business, leisure as well as for research and developmental purposes. Asia Pacific markets have the largest growth rates for these products especially due to the growing youth population that these regions have and this can have a huge impact as the youth are the curious and the inquisitive folk who believe in experimenting and experiencing new things so that they can set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

Concerns regarding Space tourism:

One of the major concerns regarding peace tourism is that it makes it difficult to assess the market demand for such kind of activities as people usually do not consider these on a normal and a regular basis. Moreover, the safety and security part is also a huge issue because these cannot be predicted beforehand.