Each one of us would have heard someone tell us that wine is just grape juice that has been stored up for years together. This is true to some sense as the basic and the major ingredient of wine is grape juice and its additives. However just plain grape juice is not wine and it is quite important to understand what exactly is different in the two forms of the fruit. Basically grape juice is converted into wine through a process of natural fermentation. Fermentation refers to the process of formation of certain kind of bacteria that can help to ferment certain edible items in order to give a distinct taste or flavor. One of the main bacteria that is used in the fermentation process of a number of products apart from wine is the yeast. Yeast has been used for ages together to aid in the process of fermentation.

There are many kinds of wine also that are available in the market. The different kinds of wine are determined by the conversion of the sugar into alcohol and by how much it is converted from one form to the other. When a wine is said to be fully dry it means that all its sugar has been converted into alcohol. These are some of the most famous wines and the process takes a very long time.Semi dry wines are also known as off dry wines, are those types of wines where there is still some amount of sugar that is left behind and this gives a mild level of sweetness to the wine.

Market for Off Dry wine:

The market for off dry wine has been growing at a very steady pace. According to, a few reports, the Off Dry wine market is estimated to grow at a considerable compound annual growth rate for the period between 2016 and 2022. The reports also give the key areas that contribute the highest market share for these which is led by the North American regions, followed by the European markets, the Asia Pacific markets and then the rest of the world. One of the basic reasons for the growing demand in the recent years is the increasing incomes that are there among the people and who can now afford wine as a necessity and not just a product of luxury that can be reserved only for certain special occasions.


Off Dry Wine is a specific kind of wine that has been enjoying a larger market from the recent days wherein more people are in a position to afford this luxury.