Ancient traditions of India have always housed various secrets with regards to the health benefits of the ingredients used and the tastiness of the food that is prepared as well. Indian spices have been popular since a very long time and this has been the main reason for the British to enter into the Indian subcontinent as well. Wheat is the heart and soul of India’s agriculture and India became an export surplus country for wheat with the help of the High yielding variety of seeds. Wheat is used on a daily basis in each of our lives in some way or the other. One of the major proteins o thats found in wheat is gluten and this gluten can be extracted once all the starch has been removed from the wheat grains and it is used as a substitute to soybean starch.

Market for Wheat Gluten:

The Wheat Gluten have now become extremely popular with the masses. This is because of the two main reasons wherein one is because they add a distinct flavor to the food that we eat and two is the fact that Wheat Gluten contain numerous health benefits that were previously unheard off. Indian foods were always characterized by the high amount of richness that we bring to our preparations and Wheat Gluten have now provided a path gives so many health benefits to the community that can use Wheat Gluten for various purposes now. The global market for Wheat Gluten is also huge and the main market drivers include the health benefits that is associated with these seeds. The climatic conditions that are needed for the successful growth of these are present only in the Asian subcontinent and that too in very few countries. Hence this makes countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan some of the major producers of the Wheat Gluten.

Advantages of Wheat Gluten:

  • They are rich in proteins and can play a major role in protecting us against infections.
  • They are very good sources of dietary fibers and can aid in the process of digestion and prevent constipation.
  • Research studies have also shown that Wheat Gluten play a major role in the curing of cancer when the disease is still in its early stages.
  • It can also help in improving neurological conditions.


Wheat Gluten are some of the underrated products that is a part of every Indian kitchen and immense research has shown the various health benefits and can be used effectively as a substitute for soybean starch or more popularly known as tofu.