The earth is made up of the five basic elements that is the air, land, water, fire and the sky. The air is the most basic component that is required for the basic existence of the human beings. Every human is entitled to get his or her share of good quality air and water to use. Till a few decades back, the air that we breathed was considered to be the purest and the cleanest source that can be available.

Hazardous waste generation:

Industrialization has taken a toll on the quality of the environment and hence the air that we breathe. The quality of the air has deteriorated to such an extent that it is causing various health problems for the people who breathe in this air and also the environment as a whole. Industrialization has led to the dotting of small and medium sized industries at every nook and corner of the industrial areas. There are millions of tons of hazardous waste that is generated by these industries in one day. This waste is not treated properly and it is directly released into the water bodies and this harms the water body as well as the aquatic organisms that are needed for the survival of the ecosystem

Types of Hazardous waste:

Hazardous waste can take the form of sludge, solids, liquids and gaseous state. They are primarily generated due to the industrial activities, chemical producing activities and other manufacturing activities. It is necessary for the governments to regulate the management and the treatment of hazardous waste otherwise the industries can exploit the situation. The industries usually dump their waste into the rivers that is used for consumption purposes.  The rivers provide livelihood to hundreds and thousands of people along the course of the river. This is one of the main reasons why the government has to intervene for the treatment of these wastes so that the treated waste can be released into the water body. It is also necessary to treat this waste because it can be toxic or nontoxic, radioactive, inflammable or corrosive in nature and if this is left untreatedit can harm the environment. There has to be hazardous waste management in the form of transporting waste facilities, manifestation of waste facilities and there also has to be proper storage, treatment and disposal techniques.


Hazardous waste management is necessary in the present day environment where resources are scarce and there has to be efficient utilization with the help of reusing and recycling so that it can lead to sustainable development.